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Mary Gaughan, MT-BC
Owner/Music Therapist

Mary Gaughan is a board-certified music therapist living in Flagstaff, AZ. She received her bachelors degree in music therapy from Arizona State University in May 2015. Upon graduating, Mary completed her 6-month internship with Seasons Hospice in Orange County, California and became a board-certified music therapist in January 2016. Mary has been working in the hospice setting for the past 5 years in addition to having clinical experience working with children and young adults with disabilities and providing bereavement services to clients and families. She currently serves as President on the board of the Arizona Music Therapy Association and plays an active role in music therapy advocacy and education. Born and raised in Arizona, Mary has traveled extensively and lived in many places but always finds herself coming back to her sunshiny-desert roots in Arizona. When she isn't working with her clients you can find her adventuring with her dog Nalah, scaling the sides of cliffs rock climbing, mountain biking, or camping.

Mary will be pursuing her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree starting in the Fall 2021 in the hopes of diversifying her skillset and offering a blend of both PT and MT services for clients of all ages and abilities upon graduating. Mary will continue accepting new music therapy clients throughout her graduate schooling. Please contact if interested!

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